Oak & Ore Furniture reaches deep into the woods, bringing the soul of the forest into balance with the modern lines of the city in unique pieces of wood and metal.

Based in Johannesburg, Oak + Ore specializes in the creation of luxury furniture, designed as the focal point of your space. Each piece is meticulously crafted from the finest materials, and built to be enjoyed for generations.

Oak + Ore also have DIY options available where you select a top and legs and you put it together.
We also custom make furniture to your specs and our standards.

Woodworking’s in his blood. He hails from a long line of carpenters and craftsmen. From pioneers who built some of the first schools in the country to his grandfathers furniture making shop, He has taken up the family tradition of transforming raw material into functional pieces of art.

It all started as the urge to create, him spending countless hours in the metal and woodshop. Over a decade later, he is still getting lost in the creative flow, working late into the night and weekends to bring his visions to life. It’s with great pride and attention to detail that each piece is born, and with loving hands, wood and metal are transformed into furniture that speaks to the soul.